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    Custom Seasoning Blends
    We can replicate any existing formula,
    enhance or develop distinctive flavors.
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    Professional Line
    Hand-selected formulas developed
    with your customers in mind.
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    Customer Service
    Over 50 years experience developing
    custom seasoning blends for industry professionals.


For over 50 years, we have been committed to quality and excellence in sourcing and blending custom seasonings.


Sentry Seasonings recognizes that our success depends on the passionate, knowledgable, and innovative people on our staff.


We create, formulate, blend and package specifically for your processing requirements and your customers' satisfaction.


Contact us today with your project specifications. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you in creating your perfect blend.

Designers of Fine Seasonings

Every food company wants to formulate their very own recipes in the hope that their product will be the next taste sensation. That is where the experts at Sentry Seasonings, Inc., with over 50 years of food product development and processing experience, can offer their assistance to businesses of all sizes.

Sentry Seasonings ensures the consistent high quality and repeat sales of products, whether you choose a product from our Professional Line or a modified version to meet your preferences.

Sentry Seasonings can also duplicate and improve your present flavor profile: formulate, blend and package specifically for your processing requirements and your customers satisfaction. Rigid HACCP control measures and treated spices are used to ensure low microbiological counts, consistent purity, and quality.

Most importantly, Sentry Seasonings will keep your unique ingredient blend confidential and of consistent quality so your customers will keep coming back for more!